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You can add a stripe colour to your shutter using the colours below
White, Grey, Brown, Cream, Beige, Sand, Green, Red, Black.

Powder coating is available but you will need to speak to a Consultant regarding this.


  • Make sure all windows are shutter
    before cleaning shutter
  • Use warm soap water
  • Use something soft to clean shutter with
    (ie sponge or cloth)
  • Hose off and leave shutter down to allow it to dry

Installation – 18 month
Curtain & Guides – 2 years
Somfy Motors – 5 Years
ODS – 12months
ODS Battery 6 months
Repairs – 3months


There are 4 ways you can operate your shutter. All are operated from the inside of your home for more convenience.

  • Strap Control: You can manual operated your shutter with a strap. This involves you pulling the shutter up and down. It is recommended for smaller shutter sizes.
  • Winder:  The Winder Box sits on the inside of your house next to the window. It has a removable handle and is recommended for Medium shutter sizes.
  • ODS: Is a low voltage battery operated control. This is used from the inside with a wall plate for your controller to sit in. It is a cost effective and easy way to operate your shutter. It is charged just like a mobile phone. As the ODS is battery powered, it is a safety option especially if there is a power failure. The wires are hidden in the guide so no electrician needed.


The ODS can be used multiple ways.

  • It can be solar powered
  • You can operate 3 shutters using one controller, which is a great option for bay windows.
  • Or used with the standard controller.
  • Electric: The Electric shutter is a 240 Volt motor operated from the inside using a wall switch OR wireless controller. An electrician is required to connect the shutter. Electric Shutters are great for very large windows or multiple shutters in one area. You can use a wireless remote allowing you to move to separate room to operate them.